Keith Twitchell

Keith is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Broad Community Connections. After founding his own business communications firm in 1982, Mr. Twitchell became involved in the mid-1990s in a number of urban planning projects, including the Brownfields Initiative and the City of New Orleans Land Use Plan, Master Plan, and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. He served as a consultant for the Committee for a Better New Orleans beginning in July 2000 before accepting a full-time position in March 2002; he became President of the organization in June 2004. Keith is responsible for developing key CBNO programs such as the Citizen Participation Program and the Asset0Building-Based Employee Benefits Model. Mr. Twitchell is a former Captain of Krewe du Vieux (which he co-founded), a state-ranked tennis player, and an award-winning writer, and has served on a variety of organization boards. He received his BA from Washington College and his MA from Bowling Green State University, and is a member of the ODK National Leadership Honor Society.

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