Jeanne Nathan

For forty years, Jeanne Nathan has worked in journalism, marketing, event and video production, and community organizing, including current work revitalizing the neighborhoods and communities in New Orleans. Jeanne has been behind some of the most successful cases of putting culture at the core of economic revival. Jeanne has been at the forefront of large-scale initiatives in New York and New Orleans that have placed culture at the center of economic development, including co-founding the Contemporary Arts Center with Robert Tannen, a major center that transformed the surrounding warehouse district, and produced numerous forums that generated a public dialogue leading to major state and local public commitments to growing the cultural economy. She is currently leading a campaign to promote New Orleans’ creative industries as the foundation for a stronger economic future, where she has spearheaded the formation of the Creative Alliance of New Orleans, a professional, membership organization aimed at increasing public and private investment in the creative sector, and working on such successful endeavors as The Studio at Colton School. Nathan has been involved with major post Katrina citywide planning efforts, culminating in the Master Planning and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and she has applied her award-winning marketing experience to cultural, environmental, commercial, and public interest efforts. As adjunct faculty at Tulane School of Architecture, Jeanne has brought her students into the neighborhoods of the city to plan redevelopment projects. A graduate of Cornell University, she has applied her education in economic history to a lifetime of public interest marketing and development to advance communities and cities.

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