Many customers are lured through the doors of Petiquette pet store by the terrier mix puppies peering through the window at them on Broad Street. Most stay a while and chat with owner Curtis Anderson, Jr., about fish, aquariums, owning a dog, or anything else, after making their purchases.

"I love the people that come in my store; they're local people," Anderson said. "I'm saving them a trip so they can spend money in Orleans Parish instead of Jefferson or Metairie. I'm trying to give them the convenience," he said.

Petiquette has been open about eight months, but Anderson has been interested in aquatics since childhood when he used to frequent a pet store in Faubourg St. John to look at the wide range of fish. He eventually set up six tanks running from an extension cord in a shed in his family's backyard, which his mother discovered when she received the electric bill. Anderson cut his collection down to three tanks, but continued to learn about aquatics through asking questions and his own trial and error. He said he still learns new things from discussing with customers, and he continues to be passionate about pets and aquatics.

"I'm doing something I love, aquatics—something I've been interested in since I was eight years old," Anderson said. "That's really the main thing, aquatics and helping people with their animals."

Petiquette sells fish and aquatic items including fish food, feeders, and chemicals, as well as puppies, high-quality dog and puppy food, vaccinations, bones, treats, and dog clothing. Anderson also provides tank maintenance services for customers. He said he receives a lot of business from people walking around the businesses on Bayou Road such as his next door neighbor Broadview Seafood.

Customer Brandon Alexander visits the store to purchase fish for a tank at Cutz Barbershop in Gentilly. Anderson takes time to discuss several types of fish and finally puts several African Cichlids in a bag for Alexander. The store has one fish tank and purchases fish from Petiquette to provide an atmosphere for customers.

Petiquette is located at 1474 N. Broad Street by Bayou Road and is open daily.

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