Headquarters Barber Beauty & Natural Hair Salon

Headquarters Barber Beauty & Natural Hair Salon is sleek and polished, with shiny dark wood floors, exposed brick, and modern fans, yet the place retains a classic barbershop feel with old-style chairs and lighting, and the tan uniforms worn by the eleven barbers working at the shop. The positive, soulful music playing and Spanish-style exterior makes for a truly special location on North Broad for Headquarters.

The shop celebrated its second year on Broad Street in October, owner Jamal McCoy said. The business was relocated to the corridor as a part of the land acquisition for the VA hospital from its old Banks Street location. McCoy said he loves the feel of neighboring Ursulines Avenue and the accessibility for people using the bus system of having his shop on a main street. The store has been getting more traffic after the move to Broad Street and the addition of a large front window so passers-by can see the shop's unique style, McCoy said. Many times up to 30 customers are in the store, which also boasts an impressive salon in its upstairs area, he said.

"I'm thankful to be in a place like this," said Jay Free, a barber-in-training who comes to learn from McCoy. "It's not like an ordinary place you could be in—no negative energy could come into this environment…you could come in with a bad attitude and leave with a positive state of mind."

In addition to creating a positive environment in the shop, barbers have been active in the corridor and surrounding neighborhoods. The shop has hosted voter registration drives, and McCoy is part of the organization Barbers Against Crime, in which barbers are trained to talk to youth about violence and promote positive events, such as basketball tournaments, in their communities.

"A lot of these kids will share information with their barbers that they won't share with other people," McCoy said. "Sometimes you can influence them from making the wrong decision."

Headquarters is open 9 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Saturday at 1101 N. Broad Street.

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